My old image gallery no longer exists. What's left was at, but it has closed too. So I'll put some images back here soon (I hope).

Now this place serves as a HUB for my experimental videos hosted on Youtube. Currently there are 120 videos - be patient, let them load.

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Random featured video
Video Experiments
My ZX-Spectrum 48kB demos (old from 1990 + new from 2015, 2016, 2018)
Commodore C-64 demos from 1991-1995 (mostly my own)
City of Wałcz - 2001, 2010, 2013
Serious productions - Menażeria Pani Zuzy + more
Music videos - montage art - music remixed with anime
Music videos - montage art - music remixed with video
Dorota Brodowska - art
Other + fun
Blue Cat Factory games - game trailers
AVIO experiments with Google Street View

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